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Custom Cable Assembly

Clients typically provide a Drawing and BOM for quoting.  We quote to the print and parts list, and offer equivalents when asked, or when there is reason to do so.  The quoting process will trigger questions.  Answer questions and provide information promptly to expedite our quoting process.  

We will use First Article process on new projects.  First Articles can be ordered alone at a higher price.  We recommend ordering your trial order for production run to allow us to bring in parts, and render the job ready for production on approval of First Article.

SCSI Cables

All Cable Connection SCSI cables are constructed to meet or exceed ANSI SCSI II, SCSI III

and FAST SCSI ( Ultra SCSI ) specifications. These specifications define the SCSI cable,

connector, and backshell operational characteristics for all external assemblies.

Cable-Comm branded SCSI Cable

LFH Cables

Designed for both cable-to-board and board-to-board applications, the Low Force Helix (LFH) interconnect system’s low insertion forces make it ideal for situations where multiple single

lines need to be terminated or packaged in a limited space

Category Cables

Finding Network and Coax cable assemblies when your assembly is unique, your order volume is significant can be a challenge.  Contact us when you are doing a competitive bid, or if your searching is for a custom assembly or volume ordering.

Attachments and inquiries

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