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Employment Opportunities

We are located in Downers Grove, a suburb west of Chicago.  Our industrial park is also safe, and easy to find and get to.  The production environment is  climate controlled and well lit.  Our current production schedule is a 4 day work week.  Monday thru Thursday, our day starts at 6:00 am, and ends at 4:30 PM. Production staff enjoy a 20% savings on their commuting budget, and 3 day weekends.  There is room to grow with the company as we expand, which provides opportunity for advancement, along with learning new skills.  

WE SEEK assemblers with prior experience and or willing to learn and grow into their position.

People who possess a positive attitude and a willingness to learn are welcome to call or email to apply.  Our interviewing process is a verbal interview, interview in person, and skills testing.  Assemblers are assigned to work on projects that are relevant to their sill and ability.


If you feel you have experience or would be a good fit, please contact us!

        SEND simple email describing your relevant work history by clicking here.

  • Electrical Assemblers

  • Experienced Solderers 

This could be you

Email work history, or resume

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